sportshuttle invests in taxi Industry

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sportshuttle and TETA invest in the S.A Taxi Industry

“It all starts with our culture and values; drivers are the face and heart of our Taxi business and it is imperative we invest in their futures” say’s MD of sportshuttle, Ayub Baker. The family owned business mimic’s that of their own family. “We want to build a business which models the culture and values that of our own family” says Baker. In the next 3 months, sportshuttle will be offering 30 Individuals, with the support of TETA (Transport Education Training Authority), one year full time driving contracts. The drivers who successfully complete their 10 module TETA Training courses, and who receive their National Diploma in advanced driving, will be considered as full time employees instead of independent contractors.

Training with sportshuttle

The training is designed to cover a range of competences which assists the individuals with complex social skills, and in turn contributes to their communities, their families and their society. The training programme was initiated to add value to transformation in an industry where fundamental education is required. The aim, is to enhance the drivers skills so that they become employable long term. These skills will further support career growth whilst developing their proficiencies to confidently manage personal distresses.

The 30 selected candidates were evaluated on a number of principles, including past driving experience, driving records, communication skills and their attitudes toward learning. This ensured that only the best and most willing candidates would be awarded this opportunity.

Research suggests that the taxi industry today employs many individuals affected by unemployment and poverty. In the 1980s, the metre taxi industry boomed thanks to the sea trade and foreign nationals visiting Cape Town’s ports; drivers found opportunity hustling and knowing their way around the city. Twenty years later, TETA was established to support this growing industry offering access to training resources.

Drivers can access these resources by association or when applying for employment with a company which is recognized by TETA. Being associated with this training academy makes sportshuttle a leading local taxi company who is not only striving for a better South Africa but which responsibly supports transformation in South Africa.

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