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Drive Dry with sportshuttle and Abstract Aimee on 2 Oceans Vibe Radio

For some inexplicable reason, many South African’s do NOT comply to some very antiquated social norms that the rest of the Western World seems to have assimilated into its respective cultures with ease. The most prevalent of which is driving whilst under the influence. Every Festive Season, every Easter and throughout most of the each year’s religious celebrations and public holidays, our local media is awash with the collective horror-story of lives lost and people maimed on our roads.
As a food and wine journalist, I attend many food and wine festivals annually, I attend soiree’s, functions, parties and festivals of every description. Bare in mind, to attend the average foodie festival you’ve got to have about a grand’s worth of disposable cash.


I’m always reluctant to come across as being judgemental in my articles, and in no way, do I believe that everyone is to blame. One can’t generalise about these sorts of things and one can’t finger point and say “they” are the problem. But I can attest to what I see, and I see a lot of very inteligent afluent people risking their lives and the lives of their families week in and week out. What I don’t see is people using private transport to get themselves to and from these events safely.
As a brand ambassador for sportshuttle, I’d like to encourage all of my fans, listeners and followers to consider how parting with just a nominal bit of extra cash to take a CAB to your next event can have a serious impact on your life. It can keep you out of jail, keep you alive, prevent you from hurting those you love or those you have never met. It can ultimately be the difference between the rest of your life – and the end of your life. Do the right thing. Take a cab.


By contributor and radio presenter, Aimee Eveleigh Gordon.


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